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International Dressage stallion Demonstrator dies at 32

International Dressage stallion and leading producer of competition horses, Demonstrator dies at 32. He was shortlisted with Ferdi Eilberg for 1996 Olympics and in 1999 Horse and Hound named him leading sire of dressage horses. In the same year Dressage Magazine voted him Dressage Horse of the Year.

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June 4, 2011 5:33 pm    |    by catherine

Herbert trying a square haltDown again to the Stud today to see the babies.  It was a beautiful morning driving along the motorway but I know a lot of people won’t be too thrilled with the continual warm weather – still no rain so a lot of unhappy farmers and gardeners.  The fields looked dry as I flashed past but I am lucky where I keep my horses as the pasture is still looking good.

The Ampere colt born earlier in the week to my Diamond Hit mare has changed dramatically.  He is now turned out in a field with some other mares and foals so he has plenty of new friends to play with.  He is still staying close to his mum however – he is only four days old.  Flora, his mum is  very protective and turning out to be a natural.  He looks as if he has inherited her walk which in turn she gets from her mum Manilla.  I don’t know about the trot but I did see him canter and it looks promising – if it is anything like his father’s canter I will be very happy!

I walked down to see the older nursery group of mares and foals.  Herbert looks great.  He legs are perfect since the farrier has been adjusting them.  He has matured even in the last week and I am now crossing my fingers that I may have another stallion prospect.  It is such an ambition to breed something that would be good enough to grade.  The Floriscount filly is going to be big.  She is built up hill and has a great front and well set on head and neck.  She is pretty laid back and relaxed and never in a hurry!Happy babies

The worst part about breeding horses is having to sell them.  I get so attached to them all, especially as some of the mares have been competition horses and I have had them a long time.  I know I have to part with some but which to choose?  I am keen to retain one or two of the filly foals for the future.  If all goes to plan I will get them ridden and competed before they come back to me as broodmares.  Having said that I must get on and sell my two three year olds by Chequille Z. I have to be sensible and so they need to get on and do something now.  They are both lovely so I am sure they will find really good homes.  Soon they will come in from the field for some education.  I want to get them over some poles and see if they have jumping ability.  Manilla was performance tested and won a jumping competition before she concentrated on dressage so I would think Mickey should.  I did own a fabulous horse a few years ago by Burggraf that did very well in Young Horse classes, winning his age group in the Championship final at Hickstead – he couldn’t jump to save his life despite a jumping pedigree.

This year I am going to campaign the mares and foals at the BEF Futurity classes.  Having gone to a few last year to watch it is a great way of seeing what everyone else is breeding and ultimately what the judges think of what I have bred and how I can learn and improve on it.  I can’t wait to get going….

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